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Platinum Supporter Package

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Platinum Supporters are presented with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to policing, with a comprehensive benefits package to promote their organisation and its work. This will include an opportunity to engage with the main event, as a panel member.  

Key benefits summary

  • Attendance for five stand staff (includes Summit dinner and on-site accommodation);  
  • 10 x 5 metre stand  
  • Opportunity to engage with delegates as a panel member on the main stage; 
  • Host 2 tables at the Summit Dinner; 
  • A 500-word Summit brochure write-up; and 
  • Promotion opportunities, as detailed in the Summit Sponsorship brochure. 

Terms and conditions 

Platinum supporter applicants should: 

  • Demonstrate that their organisation has worked/is actively working with policing and law enforcement; and 
  • Give a brief overview of how your organisation is supporting delivery of the Strategy, for the opportunity to participate on the ‘main stage’ in one of the plenary sessions (as detailed in the Sponsorship opportunities pack). This submission should be relevant to a policing audience and context. It should also highlight the outstanding contribution that your organisation has made to policing / wider law enforcement. 

For additional information and to apply 

  • Read the Summit sponsorship brochure
  • Send your proposal via the form below

Please note: The opportunity to engage with delegates in the plenary sessions, will be as a member of a small, select, panel on the main stage. Selection of the Platinum supporter for the panel will be at the discretion of the Summit organisers.  

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