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Digital Garage

As part of our ongoing efforts to help deliver the National Policing Digital Strategy, the Police Digital Service is working with IBM to run a Digital Garage.

The aim is to encourage fresh perspectives from across policing organisations about what problems need to be solved and the opportunity, where applicable, to develop technology-enabled solutions to these problems.

We see this as an opportunity for local change, delivery and technology teams to collaborate with external expertise, to deliver purposeful outcomes.


What is the Digital Garage?

The Digital Garage method seamlessly blends business strategy, design and technology into a single end-to-end journey. The aim is to support police forces to gain measurable business value from innovation projects, ignite cultural change through co-creation with technology experts, and build upon the momentum of iterative innovation to drive scaled digital transformation.

Access to the Digital Garage is available at no extra cost to forces that have signed up to the IBM Access for All Agreement extension (until March 2025). If your force is not currently signed up to the Access for All Agreement extension and you would like to do so, please contact us.

Join the Digital Garage space on the Knowledge Hub to find out more.


Get Involved

Great things can happen when we work together, so the Police Digital Service is encouraging everyone from all areas of policing to take part by submitting your ideas.

We are looking for ideas that align to the five key ambitions and the seven data and technology enablers highlighted in the National Policing Digital Strategy.

Join the Digital Garage page on the Knowledge Hub to learn more and to get involved.