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Crown Commercial Service Supplier of:

Consulting Services

The Police Digital Service provides a range of consultancy services to include strategy, innovation, discovery and standards.

Our team has unique central insight and expertise within policing, coupled with key strategic partnerships, to assist UK policing to deliver on its capability and cloud aspirations, in line with the National Policing Digital Strategy.

  • Consulting on strategy and architecture within policing
  • Consulting on National Standards for UK policing
  • Delivery against National Policing Digital Strategy and Journey to Cloud
  • Lead and deliver discovery activities using Wardley Mapping techniques
  • Current state mapping and future state development
  • Lead and co-ordinate innovation in developing new capabilities
  • Strategic Partnerships to leverage expertise from private/ public sector
  • Security vetted personnel to UK policing standards (NPPV3 & SC)


  • Ability to leverage unique national insight within UK policing
  • Alignment to National Policing Digital Strategy and Cloud Strategy
  • Ability to share best practice between UK forces
  • Ability to call upon expertise from strategically aligned partners
  • Expertise in Wardley Mapping Situational Awareness
  • Identify where capability improvement will offer maximum gain
  • Secure storage and file transfer for Official data