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National Management Centre (NMC)

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The Police Digital Service’s National Management Centre (NMC) is the national centre of expertise dedicated to protecting police forces across the UK against cybercrime.

The world of cyber security is constantly growing and evolving and as such, so is the threat to UK policing. Facing threat and uncertainty is part of the job, but what about the risk we can’t see? How do we tackle the risk of sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands or intelligence being used to threaten our security?

The NMC provides a 24/7 nationally coordinated, locally delivered, cybersecurity service for police forces across the UK to protect, detect, and respond to cyber activity on policing infrastructures.

Mike Lattanzio, Thames Valley Police, about the NMC

Webinar: Protecting the Police Cyber  Estate with the NMC

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Cyber Security

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