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Policing’s National Collaboration Hub

Created and managed by the Police Digital Service, the Knowledge Hub is a secure, mobile web-based platform that enables police forces and other public-sector organisations to establish groups and networks to share information, discuss ideas and work more collaboratively.

The Knowledge Hub community is growing all the time. If you work in local or national policing, sign up for free and start using this nation-wide collaboration and information sharing platform today.

Reasons to Join

Join a nation-wide policing network

The Knowledge Hub is currently home to more than 30,000 members, working across 800 groups.

Share information securely

You can safely store information classed up to Official Sensitive on the Knowledge Hub, assured to OS level by NPIRMT. Collaboration groups can be secret and accessible only by invitation.

Cross-force collaboration

The Knowledge Hub was developed as a central platform to help forces and policing partners collaborate on projects and share methodologies, templates, tool-kits and notable practice.

Mobile access

Join the conversation securely from any device, at any location.

Always improving to meet policing needs

We continue collaborating with forces and policing partners to ensure the Knowledge Hub enables more effective evidence-based working, research and collaboration. 

Free to use for policing

If you’re part of a policing organisation, you can join the Knowledge Hub for free.

Improving Knowledge Sharing Across UK Policing

In 2017, South Yorkshire Police was awarded funding from the Home Office to deliver a National Problem Solving and Demand Reduction Programme to help transform ways of working across policing. One of the biggest challenges identified was the lack of a central knowledge sharing platform for police forces to look to for best practice and to share information, processes and documentation.

The Police Digital Service teamed up with South Yorkshire Police to optimise and develop new features on the Knowledge Hub to support the sharing of problem-solving knowledge and notable practice across policing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can register if you represent a recognised public-sector organisation or a private provider working closely with a public-sector organisation.

    If your organisation has already been white-listed, you can register and gain access immediately. If your organisation is not on the white-list, but you work within academia, consultancy, government and services pertaining to policing, or are a policing supplier, you will require sponsorship by an existing member of the Knowledge Hub. Contact our team via the Support Portal and we will walk you through the steps.

    Please note that in some circumstances we may ask for more information regarding your role and reason for access to ensure the Knowledge Hub is the right place for you.