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Strategy & Innovation

To be able to tap into the opportunities that technological advances present, we need to find the right tools and build an ecosystem that brings the expertise of public and private sectors together​.

Our team is supporting police services and law enforcement organisations to:

  • Navigate the fast-moving innovation landscape;
  • Leverage the expertise of leading technology suppliers, and;
  • Develop the technology blueprint to help deliver the National Policing Digital Strategy.

What we're working on

Innovation Partnerships

A platform for partners from the private and public sectors to showcase their products and services to the policing community in a streamlined and coherent manner.

Knowledge Sharing

Building the foundational elements needed to develop new and transform existing policing capabilities, and prevent fragmented thinking to solve the same problems across policing.

Local Policing, National Thinking

An approach developed from a national viewpoint with freedom for the forces to forge their own prioritisation and implementation paths​.

National Policing Digital Strategy

Launched in 2020, the National Policing Digital Strategy 2020-2030 sets out a new digital ambition for the UK police service to leverage digital technologies to build capability. Our team is supporting police forces, law enforcement organisations and suppliers to develop the technology blueprint to help deliver the Strategy.

Front cover of DDaT Strategy