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Solutions Catalogue For policing, by policing

The Solutions Catalogue brings together apps and Power Apps developed by forces and partners across policing together in one place. Anyone with a email address is able to request access to download a solution; once permission is granted the solutions are available for free download.

The apps can be implemented straight out of the box, or further developed as required by forces with the capability to do so. 

Watch the PDS Solutions Catalogue overview below:

ACRO Foreign Conviction Checks

A tool designed to make requesting foreign convictions via the UK Central Authority at ACRO with ease and accuracy first time.

Acronym Finder

This handy app helps users to identify some of the many acronyms used within policing.

Asset Booker

Manage the booking of multiple asset types, ranging from pool cars to meeting spaces in a single app. 

Automated Guest Invitation

This semi-automated process helps the force add and manage guests to the force M365 tenant. 

Burglary Investigation PowerApp (v3)

Designed to support front line operational staff in the investigation and recording of burglary. 

Business Interests

Process voluntary declarations of business interests, including review & approval .

Car Pool Booking

Dedicated process and app to help staff book car pool vehicles.

CIU Data Portal

Information on what data different companies can provide you on & help to complete DPA applications

CIU Data Portal v2

Capture time spent formal and self-managed training, including feedback and date recording.

A new verison (7 September 2022).

Continued Personal Development

Capture time spent formal and self-managed training, including feedback and date recording.

Only registered users will be able to access the full details and download the solution from the links on this page

If you get an error when you click any of the solutions on this page please click here to request access.

Please note, the detail is restricted to those working in policing and members of the Police Digital Service.

Crime Audit (QATT)

Helps supervisors when assessing crime inputting, including aspects of suspect and victim management and the quality of the investigation.

Crime Outcome Aide

This handy tool helps those responsible for applying outcome codes to crime to choose the correct code.

Employee Ideas

Enables and encourages colleagues to suggest ways to improve the way the organisation works and supports colleagues.

Fleet Tracker

This app is designed to help you book and track the use of force vehicles across the fleet.

Football Policing

The staffing allocation alone consumes many hours of Police time as Officers are allocated, deallocated, book leave, change plans etc and this will involve many versions of the Staffing Allocation spreadsheet

Hotspot Policing (v2)

Focus patrol time and capture the duration and interactions during hotspot patrol activity by a range of frontline departments.

Information Portal (MetCC)

This useful app provides control room operators with links to the latest BCU and force information to aid their role.

Intranet Webparts

A selection of useful webparts used within the TVP & Hampshire Intranet to improve user experience.

Issue Reporting & Management

This tool consists of two linked apps, one for reporting issues and the second for managing those issues.

Item Inspection

A general inspection app, this tool can be used for recording checks on buildings, vehicles and equipment.

Managed File V2

Helps with the move from legacy on-premise document management to M365 SharePoint online based environment.

MARAC Referals & Meetings

A useful tool which will help you streamline and improve the information management of MARAC cases.

Mobile Phone Assets Tracker

Helps teams keep records of assets and who has responsibility for the asset, generating a full audit trial.

My CJ app

This App helps front-line officers select and complete the correct CJ paperwork helping reduce reworking and corrections to files.

My Desk Booking

With hybrid working and changes to our estates this useful app allows the force to manage access to shared desk and workspace.

M365 User Mapping

This solution is focused at PowerApp developers to see the information returned by Office365User connector.

Op Hampshire V2 (Oscar Kilo)

National App designed to bring a standard user focused approach to reporting of injuries to our officers and staff. New version – WEBINAR

Partner Messging

Enables immediate communications with partner agencies during critical incidents, supporting response coordination.

Personal Development Review (PDR)

This is designed to capture employees’ objectives and allow them to add evidence and track their progress of these objectives.

Phone Swap Out (ADR722)

Audit tool to support the ambition that rape victims aren’t without a phone for more than 24 hours.

Pocket PolSA Misper App

Provides the first responder with a guide on key aspects to search and gather information.

Power App Tools

Supports the administration of the development and access to user developed Power Apps.

Prisoner Handover

This app supports the management of prisoners being taken to Custody and to ensuring information is available to staff when shift changes take place.

Project Review & initiation (PRI)

Supporting the submission of information about a project and multi-tier approval processes.

Request a guest

Enables an internal force user to apply for a guest account for an external user .

Request a Team

A fully automated workflow for approving and creating Teams within the M365 blueprint.

Request a Team (Advanced) v2

More controls and authorisation options to control the management of teams within the force.

Strategic Activity Tracker

Record and coordinate strategic development and management, improving strategic planning.

Stop / Search App

Record and gather data on police use of stop search on via the officers’ work mobiles.

Taser Data Review App (CEDiR - CED)

Enables supervisors and instructors to assess and review all taser uses quickly & easily.

Tasking & Briefing

The Briefing & Tasking app provides the following functionality:
• Provides briefing items to front line officers via a Power App.

Vehicle Fleet Tracker

The Fleet Vehicle Booker app is used to track the usage of force vehicles. It allows for vehicles to be booked out and their usage tracked.

Vehicle Stop

The Vehicle Stops Power App is used to record details of all Vehicle Stops.

Vision On

The Vision On app provides the following functionality:
• Allows Officers to upload images from CCTV for processing through the PND

Wellbeing App

A directory of internal and external Health and Wellbeing services and advice for officers and staff.

Wellbeing Van Booking

The Wellbeing Van Booking app allows users to book an wellbeing appointment from a list of pre-populated appointments set by the admin team.


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