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NPCC Digital, Data and Technology Awards 2024

As part of the 2024 Police Digital Summit, we are launching the inaugural Police Digital Awards to recognise outstanding contributions by police staff and teams across UK law enforcement agencies.

The awards have three simple objectives:

  • To highlight the work of police technology teams in their critical contribution to the delivery of innovative, secure, effective and efficient police services to our communities.
  • Increase confidence of police staff that their contribution is recognised by national policing
  • Generate positive communications opportunities about the investment and effectiveness of Police IT services.

The award categories:        


Recognises individuals or teams using innovative approaches to tackle police challenges.

Cyber Security

Honours individuals or teams going above and beyond to safeguard police systems and data.

Front Line Impact 

Celebrates the use of digital data and technology to directly enhance services delivered by frontline officers and police staff.

Productivity / Value for Money

Acknowledges teams or individuals who demonstrably reduced costs while improving service quality or capabilities.


Recognises initiatives or technology implementations that improve accessibility, equity, or diversity within police workplaces.

Excellence in Service

Recognises teams or individuals who excel at delivering exceptional service in police digital or technology settings. 

Excellence in Leadership

Recognises individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, significantly contributing to their organisation values and mision whilst inspiring others.

Unsung Digital Hero

Recognises individuals who work for policing in an ICT or transformation role  make significant contributions but often go unnoticed or underappreciated. 

Nominations are now closed. Judging will take place in June and July, culminating in an awards ceremony at the Police Digital Summit on 12th September. 

Only UK based law enforcement agencies or Police Digital Service (PDS) member organisations and their teams are eligible to submit nominations. Those wishing to submit a nomination should fill out this form.

 The Police Digital Awards will be judged by representatives from the Police Digital Service, National Police Chiefs’ Council  Digital, Data and Technology Coordination Committee, and techUK (representing the supplier community).