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Dipesh Parmar

A headshot of DIpesh Parmer

A Day in the Life... Product Manager, Operations

  • 2023 will by the 5th year that I have been with PDS and i have seen it grow from 15 people in a small office to well over 200! Loved every moment of this journey so far!

    At PDS you are provided the freedom to manage your own work/life balance. This can be hard to do when everyone is remote working but we are trusted by our managers, team mates and colleagues, knowing that any tasks and work assigned to us will get done and to the highest standard possible! It is this trust that makes you want to go above and beyond with the work you do, so you do not let your team and colleagues down.

  • I started my career at PDS as a Digital Community/Customer Support Officer for a collaboration platform we offer to policing, called the Knowledge Hub. I was able to build my skills up whilst in this role, not only professionally but also getting an understanding the complexities of UK policing and how it all works, not having been in policing before.

    I learnt and achieved multiple cloud certifications ranging from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Cloud Practitioner, to AWS Security Engineering which enabled me to understand cloud security and infrastructure and how we in PDS use this in our services and products we offer to our clients.