Ian Bell – CEO, The Police ICT Company

Ian is Chief Executive Officer of the Police ICT Company and a member of the Company’s board of directors. He joined the Company in February 2018, bringing more than 18 years of technology, finance, multi-industry leadership and executive management experience to his role. Ian leads the Company’s direction and strategy.

Since being appointed, Ian has embarked on a formative rebrand and re-set of the Company among its policing, government and supplier partners, with the aim of delivering a new strategy and set of service capabilities to complement the ever-changing demand in policing. Since then he has also secured transformation funding to support the Company in its mission to grow and become successful in the way it supports policing.

Previously, Ian, who has been involved in policing since 2008, has served in a variety of roles across policing, notably as the Chief Information Officer of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, before moving on to become the Director of the National Enabling Programme at its inception, leading business case and blueprint design teams to gain national funding for full roll-out across England and Wales.

In the private sector, Ian managed multi-sourced technology services across a corporation. Prior to technology, he qualified as a chartered accountant.

Ian has two boys and enjoys watching and encouraging them on the sports field, whilst still coaching and umpiring in a multitude of sports himself. Ian is an avid fan of Chelsea FC but maintains a love for Rugby Union and Cricket.